12 January 2013

Remedial Plates for Red Light Cameras That Can't Read

Florida's comely vehicle registration plate with the two-oranges design may be replaced in two years time.  State officials want more of that red light and toll booth camera revenue and so the pretty is being sacrificed to the practical. 

It seems the raised letters and numbers on the current plate are too confusing for WAll-E to recognize.  Flat black letters and less ornamentation are being comtemplated.

Julie Jones, of the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, says that 2.8 million unreadable tags have escaped the long lens of the law, in 2012, as of October. 

$31 million is the price tag to manufacture the new plates. 

Popular specialty tags for the University of Florida and Florida State University, can still be purchased until the existing stock runs out, if the state goes ahead with the change.  There are four new designs and you can vote on your favorite online.

WPTV channel 5 has the story, here:  Florida Plate

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