12 January 2013

He'll Just Get a Job at the US Postal Service

What has a  fireplace, a hundred foil packets stained with cocaine residue and 300 unissued parking tickets?  

Give up? 

The home of Sal Mungia of the Chicago Police Department.  He was being evicted in August of 2005 when deputy sheriffs discovered the foil packets littering the bedroom floor and also stacks of the tickets on the mantelpiece. 

Between 2003 and 2005 Mungia diligently turned over the department's copy for processing , but sometimes the driver's copy was not left under the wiper; he just kept them.  Mungia considered it no big deal and said he believed that the Department of Revenue would mail out notices to the errant parkers.

Mungia told the Police Board that he wasn't sure what to do with the ticket clutter.  "I didn't know if we were supposed to destroy them or hold on to them for a year or what."  The tickets found in his home were a mere fraction of the estimated seven thousand he wrote up in a year.

--Seven thousand a year!  That's about twenty a day!

On the force since 2000, he was fired in April 2008.  Monique Bond, department spokeswoman said the disposition of the tickets is under review.
You can read the 2008 Chicago Tribune story here:  Tickets Kept

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