29 March 2015

Sasquatch Is Found, Captured And Imprisoned In Oregon

A hunter, walking in the woods near his home in Manning, Oregon,  in October of 2013, had a close encounter with the fabled Bigfoot... and actually had a conversation with it before being attacked by the creature.

Jeff McDonald, the hunter, at first wasn't fearful because he carried a deer rifle and the Sasquatch was unarmed, and didn't look like the big hairy ape-like movie/TV characters he'd seen. This one looked like a naked man.  It even had a name, Linus Norgren, and spoke English and claimed to be from a family of Sasquatches. 

As they walked and talked McDonald tried to steer Norgren  to a road, thinking to help the naked man back to civilization and a nice warm loony bin.  Late Fall  hunting season in the western Oregon woods can be quite chilly and wet.  This particular Sassy had other ideas and hit McDonald in the head with a rock.