31 March 2013

The Great Escape

When "The Great Escape" came out in 1963 I didn't see it because I was only nine years old, and didn't get to see a lot of movies unless my folks took me, which wasn't often.  I wanted to see this one.  It seemed to me exciting and adventuresome and thrilling and it had some actors I recognized.  I had seen some advertisements on TV promoting the film and they convinced me I would die if I didn't get to see it. 

23 March 2013

Lists! We Don't Need No Stinking Lists!

Gunowners are suspicious of government efforts to register guns.  They think gunlists are just a prelude to confiscation.  This is a slippery slope argument, which, is always pooh-poohed by elites trying their best to appear reasonable and benign, and harmless.  The latest proposal that firearm possessers buy liability insurance for their eccentric hobby, smacks of back-door registration.

I have a modest common-sense balanced fair harmless proposal of my own.  I suggest we register all the illegals in our country.  That's all.  We just want a list of names, addresses, nationalities and ages and maybe thumbprints.  That's a reasonable request, isn't it? 

Borgward Plastic Surgery

Here's another Borgward cartoon. 

 I've often wondered what Michael Jackson's children thought of his looks.  Did they wonder why they didn't look like him?  Was he a jealous husband? 

MJ:   "Hey, that kid doesn't look a thing like me/"
Wife:  "Oh yeah, well you don't look a thing like you either."

Reminds me of that Chinese guy who got divorced because of an ugly baby.  His wife had a lot of face sculpting done before they met and he expected his daughter to be beautiful like the mom, and was disappointed.

19 March 2013

I Wonder If It Will Work On Fleas?

They tell us Americans are getting too much salt, but what about our American insects?  This device blasts the bug with grains of table salt, so it kills and also preserves it.   Unlike a flyswatter, it leaves no bug guts stuck to household surfaces.  I don't have a lot of flies or spiders around my place but maybe this scatter gun will work on ants.  See the device here:  bug killer

17 March 2013

The Wheels on the Bus

I wish I'd had this driver for my school bus.  His Name is Alexsei Volkov and he knows how to throw his weight around in the Russian city of Zelenograd.

No Doz

Kalamazoo, Michigan.  Parking patrol guy about to place a third ticket on the windshield of an illegally parked pick-up truck finally looked inside and spotted a man slumped over on the front seat.  They were probably trying to figure a way to pinch him for loitering, also, when they noticed the windows were not fogged up; meaning he wasn't breathing.  Police think maybe he was there for a couple of days.

more here


And here is one of my favorite cartoonists.  What he lacks in polished drawing, he makes up in getting the idea across.   I wonder what he has against eskimos?


Cheese Head Vs. Meat Head

To all you out there rightly incensed about a sexual assault in Ohio, where the young lady was molested by high school football players while nearly unconcious and nobody stepped forward to help her, or ward off her abusers, there is this story from Wisconsin, of a different sort of man.  Charlie Blackmore,Jr., a Marine veteran, interfered with a vicious assault on a woman who was being stomped and kicked on a city sidewalk.  Read more about the incident here:  semper fi

12 March 2013

"I'm Shocked; Just Shocked!"

Here's a story out of England that gives me pause, as an electrician.  Seems a man was tasered by police, in February 2011, for carrying a couple of screwdrivers in his pocket.  They wrestled him to the floor of a Swansea shop and gave him four bursts of fifty-thousand volts.