26 January 2014

Original Joe's And The One True Religion

I ate at the Original Joe’s in Jantzen Beach.  I ordered the steak stir fry lunch special and while headed to my seat I looked for something to read while waiting for my meal and it was either the Vancouver Vector or the Portland Mercury.  Both were free. 

The Mercury cover presented a drawing of a young woman shown from behind wearing extremely low-cut jeans and thong underwear—though it was not really “under” much of anything.  Her right hand was behind her back and, except for her defiant delicate middle finger, formed a fist.  The drawing referenced an article within having to do with, I think, lesbian feminists.  Angry ones. 

It was going to be brickbats aimed at myself and all other men in the world, so I picked up the Vector and turned to page six to read about political, religious and scientific myths by Pat Miller.  You can read the whole thing here:   http://www.vancouvervector.com/life/myths-politics-religion-science/

I’ll concentrate on the second myth that there is only one true religion, but first I’d like to correct a term that Miller uses.  The article is subtitled “3 TABOOS THAT NEED TO BE CHALLENGED”   The author is misusing “taboo” here.  Taboo means: prohibited, forbidden, sacred, accursed, unmentionable, unthinkable, banned.