16 May 2013

The Blind Men And The Elephant

John Godfrey Saxe's ( 1816-1887) version of the famous Indian legend,

It was six men of Indostan
To learning much inclined,
Who went to see the Elephant
(Though all of them were blind),
That each by observation
Might satisfy his mind.

The First approach'd the Elephant,
And happening to fall
Against his broad and sturdy side,
At once began to bawl:
"God bless me! but the Elephant
Is very like a wall!"

15 May 2013

Can't Have It Both Ways

There are basically two government approaches to the use of Photo-enforcement:  They treat the traffic lawbreaker just as if he were pulled over by a flesh-and-blood cop, or they treat him like he was two minutes late feeding the parking meter.

04 May 2013

Can I Be Charged For Parking Here?

I've noticed more and more electric vehicle charging stations cropping up.  Retailers seem to be putting them in.  They are for drivers of battery-powered cars to park and re-ionize. 

I've also noticed that they are placed very convenient to the store, like the handicapped parking spots.  This makes sense, because the juice comes from the store and trenches and heavy copper conductors cost money so the closer to the breaker box the better. 

Low Budget

Anyone out there ever been on a low budget?

Anyone out there remember The Kinks?  They did a tour of the U.S. of A. and cut an album in New York in 1979.  Here's the title song of the Album, written by Ray Davies, bemoaning the fact that they would have to economize a little, seeing as how they weren't the huge draw they were in the heady sixties. Ray still delivers the goods, though, in this raucous pounding rocker.