01 May 2015

Don't Go In The Basement!

My brother made a snake cage once.

It was a scout project and the plans for it came out of an old Boy Scout Handbook and consisted of a box made of thin plywood on four sides and measured one foot square and eight inches high.  The front was screened as was the top lid.  The hinges were pieces of old leather belt and a hook-and-eye clasp kept it closed and locked.  JW hung a light over the cage so we could watch our captives, and to provide warmth.

I was five or six and JW was eleven and we filled the bottom of the cage with newspaper and grass clippings and populated it with seven garter snakes captured in a near-by vacant lot.   They were young snakes with gray bodies, pale cream bellies and all with a colored stripe running lengthwise.  Some stripes were red and some were yellow.  We gave them names.