23 January 2013

Maybe He Voted In The Presidential Election, Also

The long arm of the law is long indeed if it can reach from beyond the grave and pinch red light runners in Baltimore, Maryland. 

You see, every automated traffic ticket must be reviewed and signed by a sworn officer, but the signature is usually a paste-on graphic file and is affixed to the ticket with the click of a mouse button.  But still, a live finger is needed to click that button, even one time.  But what we have here is a finger that clicked that button two thousand times, even while it was miles away and moldering six feet under ground.

It seems that Officer James Fowler signed off on red light tickets after dying in a car accident in Pennsylvania in September of 2010.  You'd think he would have at least called in sick, but no, his dedication to justice knew no bounds.  He continued to review tickets for another four months.  

The eerie background music continued playing  until January of 2011 when a retired police officer recognized Fowler's signature on the ticket of an acquaintance.  He knew Fowler couldn't have reviewed the ticket...or could he?  Maybe the department is holding seances in a darkened room with a floating table and a crystal ball.


It was just a computer glitch.  Legal experts believe the City may have trouble collecting the fines.

You can read more about the WBAL-TV 11 story here;    flying fickle finger of fate

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