02 April 2013

What If It Is A Seeing-Eye Dog?

Driving with a dog's butt in your ear may soon net you a $25 fine in Illinois.  I think the dog patootie rubbing up against your wattles would be punishment enough, but not Dan Burke (D-Chicago).

He is co-sponsoring a bill to limit doggie co-pilots.  He's not hopeful the bill will pass.  Illinois has other pressing matters like a financial crisis.  New Jersey and Hawaii have restrictions on "lap" dogs, while you are driving, and Illinois doesn't want to be left out.

What about cats, and ponies and frogs and girlfriends sitting in your lap?  That would be a major distraction.
I wonder if it's a double fine if your dog is texting while in the front seat with you? You can read more about the nannyings of Windy City polititians and pet seatbelt inventors here: 
This would explain all the run-over cats

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