22 April 2013

Never Let Go

"Our ring's in the pawnshop, the rain's in the hole
  Down at the Five Points I stand
  I'll lose everything
  But I won't let go of your hand."

Here's a song by Tom Waits.  I'll be featuring some of my favorite songs and movies.  This is a good one to start with.  Waits has a way with words and verbal images and his rough gut-wrenching vocals seem to be torn out of him at times with red-hot tongs.  A lot of his songs are of wracked souls desperately clinging to someone or something.   He uses a lot of Christian and Catholic imagery in this song. 

Here's a little quiz:  What is a "cross-legged knight"? and what does it mean to dine with one?  What does it mean to "ring the bell backwards"?  And just how do you sign something with "a one-eyed jack's blood"?

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