09 August 2013

Zimmerman: Part 2 White Lessons

What white people (or partially white people) should learn from the Zimmerman trial and media passion play.

1.  Don't follow persons wearing hoodies.  This is now considered racist.  If you find yourself behind and walking in the same direction as a hoodie-wearer abruptly halt and change direction one-hundred-and-eighty degrees.  If this puts you behind another hoodie-wearer then go to the right or left.  If there are still hoodies in those directions, call a taxicab.

2.  Don't check out suspicious activity in your neighborhood.  This is also now considered racist.  It is better to let your environs devolve into a lawless junky  needle-strewn crater than risk offending anyone.

3.  Never express a desire to become a police officer.  Because If you do and then check out suspicious activity in your neighborhood (not advised. See #2 above) and get jumped and defend yourself (not advised. See #5 below), you will not be considered a "good neighbor" or a "concerned citizen".  No you will be labeled a "cop-wannabe" or a "vigilante" or "crusader".  These terms are not racist, yet. Still, you don't want them applied to you. 

4.  Never stand your ground.  Even though this didn't apply to the Zimmerman case, the press made a big thing out of it, and so should you.  If you are accosted and threatened with violence, even if you are someplace you have a perfect right to be, make conciliatory groveling noises, lower your eyes, bow the head and back away.  If you are on a public sidewalk... retreat.  It's not as if you have a Constitutional Right to enjoy the civic thoroughfares unmolested... well, maybe you do, but that right is not worth fighting over, is it?  If you are in your favorite pub or eatery... retreat and don't go back for a year.  If you are in a flower shop... take a lesson from the humble Pansy.  You don't see that delicate flower resorting to fisticuffs.  

If you are in your front yard... retreat to your house.  If they follow you into your house grab the wife and kiddies and head for the back yard and call 911.  Hopefully some non-wannabe cops will show up in a timely manner, but if they don't and if the bad guys persist, retreat to the sidewalk and if they follow you just keep going.  The nice thing about retreat is once you do it, it just gets easier.  

5.  Don't shoot unarmed black teenagers.  Even if one is using the back of your head to bust up concrete.  Just take your punishment for being un-black.  It's not personal.  Blacks have been told for forty years that the reason they are not employed, join gangs, do drugs, sell drugs, disproportionately murder, and get pregnant out of wedlock, live in inner-city democrat-controlled Utopian hellholes, is because of the white devil.  They've been told it is not the result of their own poor decisions, and so they are very frustrated and angry.  You can help them exorcise this pent-up rage with MMA Therapy.  So don't resist.  Just take the beating.  If you survive, your medical bills will be less than your legal bills and you won't get death threats and have to go into hiding.  If you don't survive, your burial will cost less than your medical bills.

I hope this helps.  

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