19 August 2013

All My Dreams Blue

Here's a song by the Youngbloods, a Sixties/Seventies band.  They are best known for their anthem of the hippie era; Get Together.  Which is a pleasant enough song about brotherhood and getting along and all that mellow flowers-in-your-hair sentiment that lasts until you catch a roommate eating your peanut butter out of the jar with a spoon.  

It's their signature song, but they didn't write it.  Dino Valenti did in the mid-sixties and it was recorded earlier by The Byrds and even Jefferson Airplane, before Grace Slick joined them.

I much prefer some of their lesser-known fare, such as:  Grizzly Bear; Sugar Babe; Quicksand; Darkness, Darkness; The Wine Song; Sunlight; Euphoria; and this somber gem written by Young:

The song is found on Earth Music, 1967 and the band members are:

Jesse Colin Young (bass, vocals)
Joe Bauer (drums)
Lowell Levinger (piano, guitar, pedal steel, vocals)
Jerry Corbitt (guitar, vocals)

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