04 May 2013

Low Budget

Anyone out there ever been on a low budget?

Anyone out there remember The Kinks?  They did a tour of the U.S. of A. and cut an album in New York in 1979.  Here's the title song of the Album, written by Ray Davies, bemoaning the fact that they would have to economize a little, seeing as how they weren't the huge draw they were in the heady sixties. Ray still delivers the goods, though, in this raucous pounding rocker.

The '79 band consisted of Ray Davies, Dave Davies, Jim Rodford, Mick Avory and Nick Newall.

Some of their songs have been showing up in commercials, and on TV shows, like "The Sopranos".

The you-tuber added some pictures of drivers who have had to improvise on the repair of their vehicles.

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