04 May 2013

Can I Be Charged For Parking Here?

I've noticed more and more electric vehicle charging stations cropping up.  Retailers seem to be putting them in.  They are for drivers of battery-powered cars to park and re-ionize. 

I've also noticed that they are placed very convenient to the store, like the handicapped parking spots.  This makes sense, because the juice comes from the store and trenches and heavy copper conductors cost money so the closer to the breaker box the better. 

Maybe you see where I'm going with this. 


I suggest that even gasoline-only vehicles could take advantage of these sweet new handy parking spaces.  All you need is a round fitting on your fender of the proper size in which to wedge the charging plug.  Everyone, except an engineer, will just assume you are green earth-worshipping tree-hugger type, with a lot of extra cash. 

Just attach the jumper cable and go shopping.  No need to put your credit card or money in the meter.  You won't be using their electricity.  How green is that?

Should I feel guilty?  Noooooo.  I, and every other taxpayer, forks over a goodly amount in subsidies so Ms. Greenie-two-shoes can actually afford her duracell ride.  And, what with half a billion lost to Fiskers and Finland in U.S. loan guarrantees....well, I should park guilt free for the next millenium.

But how to attach the plug to your car?

I originally considered just using some duct tape, or putting it in the trunk and slamming the lid down on it,  but I think even low-information voter-types might get suspicious.  

If you're serious about this you're going to have to alter your car.  Maybe I'll make a little "electric car conversion kit" with a hole-saw and decals and sell them on line.

Anyone interested?

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