08 February 2013

Come and Get Me, Copper!

Did you know your mailcarrier is above the law?  "Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night (nor the Dark Knight),  nor sleet, nor Robo-Cop with a flash camera, nor traffic laws, stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds."

Seems the USPS can dish it out,  but they can't take it; as it relates to red light and speed camera tickets.  Yep, they'll gladly drop the tickets in your mailbox, but when one comes to theirs it is RETURN TO SENDER. 

ATS (American Traffic Solutions) a photo radar company based in Arizona, is demanding payment of the post office located in Cleveland, Ohio.  They are threatening all sorts of fines and penalties for unpaid photo radar tickets. 

Big yawn from  Jennifer Breslin, some sort of Litigation Counsel for the USPS.  She says Constitutional entities can't be hassled by the local coppers, or fined, or even looked at cross-eyed.  She quotes 39 U.S. Code Section 409 and blows a big raspberry in the general direction of  Jan Brewer. 

I guess they can be dunned, but it has to be through federal district courts.  You just can't impress them with a letter.  I mean they see so dang many of them.   Go here to visit the original Yahoo story:  goin' postal

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