08 February 2013

"Bang Goes The Flash, Bang Goes My Cash"

Here are the lyrics to that SPEED CAMERA song I showcased a couple of posts ago.  I couldn't find the words on line, so I made the herculean effort to transcribe them by ear.  There are a few gaps so if anyone out there can fill them in, or correct any mistakes, please feel welcome to comment.


by  Unlucky Fried Kitten

     I don't drive my mototcar for pleasure any more
     If I did I probably couldn't take no more
     I don't really want to drive my car anymore

     Don't want to spend my time sitting in a traffic lane
     I don't ever want to read the highway code again
     I don't really want to hit the gas anymore

     Speed Camera, another three points in the can
     Speed Camera, meanwhile someone mugs my gran
     Speed Camera, and I think you will agree
     Speed Camera, they want to take away my key

     Bang goes the flash
     Bang goes my cash

     Here's another check with my autograph
     Yes I'm back to _____ They've got a photograph
     I'm never gonna drive over 30 again

     All the faster cars, I just let them pass
     When I'm weaving good, always someone up my ..... rear
     I can't take my eyes off the speedo again

     Speed Camera, now they've got me in the _____
     Speed Camera, has your master _____________?
     Speed Camera, a little present in the post
     Speed Camera, makes me choke upon my toast

     ______ goes the gun
     Guilty you're done

     You lost your license first
     And then you lost your car
     And then you lost your job
     And then you lost your house
     Don't take it personally
     Oh but you probably will

     I saw a shooting star in the sky last night
     But on second glance it was a Gatso light
     Don't think it's gonna change .... in my lifetime

     Speed Camera, there must be something in the air
     Speed Camera, it's a ludicrous affair
     Speed Camera, is there something we can do?
     Speed Camera, they're snapping me and snapping you
     Speed Camera, Albert Einstein caught last night
     Speed Camera, for driving at the speed of light

     Speed Camera, Speed Camera
     Your cameras are a form of insanity
     Your cameras are a form of insanity
     (and so on to the end)

I went to the UNLUCKY FRIED KITTEN myspace page and  was reading their bio written by band member Andy Export.  I'll pick up the bio where Andy is listing some of their albums:  "RUSSELL BRAND IS A WANKER" PLEASE NOTE THAT UFK WERE FORCED TO DROP THE TITLE AFTER LEGAL THREATS FROM RUSSELL BRAND'S PEOPLE...PROVING THAT RUSSELL CAN GIVE THE STICK BUT HE CAN'T TAKE IT BACK. 

They've also got an album name that's kind of long and goes something like, "I couldn't sleep so I tried counting sheep, but the sheep were black, so I couldn't see them in the dark."

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