06 October 2013

Lights Of Louisanne

 Jennifer Warnes is one of those vocal artists you wouldn't notice if she passed you on the street.  She's not the striking diva-looking songstress that is going to arrest traffic, but she's a wonderful singer and has had a long career.  You know her from movie and Top-40 pop hits.   

This song is one that never made it to the singles radio list.  But you all know of  songs that you discover that you grow to love and cherish above the hit that got you to purchase the album.   The "hit" on this album ( The Hunter, 1992) is "Rock You Gently" but I much prefer this one and also the title track, to the hit single.

It evokes perfectly a summer evening on the seashore with a gentle breeze and walking with someone you're just getting to know, in the gloaming.

What are your little-known album discoveries?

1 comment:

  1. Mirage by Tommy James & The Shondells.
    Warm Love by Van Morrison
    Hard-Headed Woman by Cat Stevens
    & Where Do The Children Play by Cat Stevens