23 March 2013

Lists! We Don't Need No Stinking Lists!

Gunowners are suspicious of government efforts to register guns.  They think gunlists are just a prelude to confiscation.  This is a slippery slope argument, which, is always pooh-poohed by elites trying their best to appear reasonable and benign, and harmless.  The latest proposal that firearm possessers buy liability insurance for their eccentric hobby, smacks of back-door registration.

I have a modest common-sense balanced fair harmless proposal of my own.  I suggest we register all the illegals in our country.  That's all.  We just want a list of names, addresses, nationalities and ages and maybe thumbprints.  That's a reasonable request, isn't it? 

     "What do you want to do with that list?"

      Nothing.  We just want the list.  We are tired of estimates.  We want to know exactly.

     "If you had that list of all the people here illegally it would make it easier to round them up and deport them."

      We suppose so, but that is not our intent.  We would never even comtemplate such a thing.  That's just silly.

     "I don't trust you."

      You're being paranoid. 
     "You can have my illegal immigrant when you pry him from my cold dead hands."

I think you will agree with me that there would be a huge outcry, from the very elites that want gun registration, denouncing any politician who put forth such an interloper identification plan.  It wouldn't surprise me to hear some one of them, after a moment of deep thought, proclaim such a plan to be "unconstitutional."

Illegals courted; gunners spurned.  Sigh.

I guess the Framers stopped too soon.  They should have included an ammendment recognising the rights of trespassers.  We'll soon have to print up a new Miranda type card for police to carry.  Only it will have but six words on it:  "You have the right to remain."

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